101 Secrets of Self-Defense

101 Secrets of Self-Defense101 Secrets of Self-Defense

“The best free self-defense course you will find anywhere!”
Taught by Steve Pearl

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101 Secrets of Self-Defense (PDF)

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to handle carjackers.
  • What to do when someone invades your personal space, like a panhandler.
  • Simple self defense moves that anyone can master in a few minutes.
  • What to do when a gun is being pointed at you by the bad guys or the police.
  • How to increase your odds of escaping injury when being shot at.
  • Stranger Danger tips taken from our class for kids called Safe Space.
  • How to transform a mom with two kids into a predator “torpedo.”
  • The six reasons that men are often challenged and forced to defend themselves and how to deal with these scenarios.
  • For women, you will learn the differences between the “power rapist,” the “anger rapist,” and the “sadistic rapist.” These are very different predators. You must know the proper response to each attacker. This is a must read for all college girls.
  • The importance of the “psycho-kitty” maneuver (this is original research, not found anywhere else). It teaches you how a 104-lb. college freshman can stand against and win an encounter with a much larger attacker.
  • How to “discount life.” This is another original lesson, taken from the movie Dances With Wolves. Lt. John Dunbar counted his life as “nothing” for just a few seconds. There is a tremendous self defense lesson to be learned here.

There are dozens more incredible self-defense secrets which are useful for men, women or children.

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